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Amkay's Numerical List Generator v2

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 8:19 pm
by poni

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This simple tool is made to create Numerical List Of 8, 9 and 10 Digits
to cover all phone numbers or any numerical passwords of this number of characters.

- You can now put the numbers you want.
- You can now load a file after you continued where you were last time.
- The script can now work in backward (not only 00000000-99999999 but 99999999-00000000 too as you can see in the screenshot)
- Added a new tool: Word list combiner that merges all the text files in a folder into one Giant.txt file.
- It's a much more stable version and i don't think there is any bug.

If there is any bug, you can report and give feedback on this thread but
if you work on it while following this step by step guide it shouldn't make
any mistake:

> Choose from the checkboxes the numbers of characters you want (8, 9 or 10).
> Write numbers in the two little text boxes.
(it doesn't matter if the first is bigger than the other, it will run backward)
> Click "Generate" or press F6 to start.
> Wait until it finishes.
> Save the file in Whatever directory you want.
> If you want to make a new list, press "New" or it won't work.
> You can load a file but you can't resume...
(I suggest you start from the number you arrived to last time and then load the file in the beginning
or just merge it to the other when you finish using the wordlist combiner)

About the WordList Combiner:
> Choose the folder in which the files to combine are.
> Choose where to put the Giant.txt combined file.
> Click combine, and here you got your mega file!
- See more at: