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tentang deepfreeze lagi Mohon pencerahannya........


Forum untuk membahas hacking secara umum

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tentang deepfreeze lagi Mohon pencerahannya........

Postby wesco01 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:48 pm

1bulan yang lalu ane install deepfreeze v 7.awalnya berjalan mulus sih.tp setelah ane selesai install dan restart icon deepfreeze di sistem tray g muncul.....ane tanya2 di mbah google.dapat berbagai cara buat mengatasinya....setelah ane coba berbagai cara yang ane temukan di google kaga ada yang mempan.pada dasarnya cara2 yang ane temukan hanya untuk men thawed deepfreeze.ada yang bilang pake un deepfreeze,xdeepfreeze,ada pula dengan sistem restore.dan smuanya g ada yang mempan.
masalah yag terjadi pada deepfreeze saya TIDAK ADA CONTROL PANNELNYA,saya tidak melihat process deepfreezenya.tapi deepfreeze ane tetap berjalan.udah ane restore wa mundurin samapi 10thn kebelakang,yang ada file2 yang di simpan ada yang hilang.tapi tidak berlaku terhadap deep freeze ane.yah hasilnya 1 bln lebih pc ane frozen.mau inul sayang soalnya kmaren abis inul ane pasang deepfreezenya :(
mohon bantuannya kk...kk....semua
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Re: tentang deepfreeze lagi Mohon pencerahannya........

Postby nesta » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:17 am


yang om tanyakan itu cara untuk un-depfreez ato untuk memunculkan iconnya?
imajinasi jauh lebih penting dari pada pengetahuan
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Re: tentang deepfreeze lagi Mohon pencerahannya........

Postby wesco01 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:55 pm

nesta wrote:http://www.indowebster.web.id/showthread.php?t=23988

yang om tanyakan itu cara untuk un-depfreez ato untuk memunculkan iconnya?

mau di uninstall.masih ada sih masternya.buat uninstall deepfreze harus di kill dulu baru di uninstall pake masternya kan?kayaknya deepfreeze saya ada masalah nih.kata temen ane deepfreeze yang ane install crash.apa karena pas saya instal,tidak saya kasih pasword.udah di sift+control+alt+f6 kaga ada respon apa2.gmn mau men thawed deepfreezenya.uda ane coba pake undeepfreeze 0.4 deepfreeze tidak terdeteksi.ane pusinggggg :cry:
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Postby christian86 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:26 am

Jan and some discomfort, up the next day his heart seriously is going to become grieve.
All of a sudden, stomach cramps. "Niang niang, you hurry up come on!"
"What's the matter, flow once more." Fang hurriedly enable jan sat down, went to acquire her monthlies and plant ash.
Jan every single flow back, stomach ache of indecent. Whole ルイヴィトン 長財布 physique cold, these are likely caused by cold. So, jan now preparing to aftercare slowly, anyway is wed is unfavorable also have kids.
Fang and hold the jan in the area on the commode, will transform clothes out.
"How, improved not. These are her daughter household to knowledge things, brown sugar water is cooking inside the kitchen."
In particular afraid of daughter body is terrible, every time, will endure her thick brown sugar water to drink.
"Well, I'm slightly bit niang you visit ルイヴィトン 財布 busy! I embroider a thing, do not worry, as soon as just about every month, I have turn out to be accustomed to, actually."
Fang will visit the kitchen busy, markov spontaneous with jan to talk.
"Sister flow once more, each time he comes to, pale small face must be with you. It can be cold within the winter, sister-in-law have so afraid of cold, or, greater than a quilt cover!"
Martensite is pretty concerned took a quilt cover, and place on a thick ヴィトン 財布 cotton-padded clothes to her.
"Is actually thanks ErSao, touch your belly belly will look after me."
"Where are the family members. Oh, sister-in-law, flow to each time is so critical, you will have an impact on body!" ルイヴィトン トート Although martensite is concerned about, but she even when pregnant with more than 3 months changed never gossip. Nonetheless, this time to say to go up.
At martensite jan, for she can feel of it. "ErSao, is that so? I did not know."
"Hey, I told you! I am her niece. Her monthlies when serious, painful days recovery. It is not, have already been married for 5 years, still not pregnant! I looked at, it should be connected to pregnancy. Sister-in-law, you wish to visit the card shark to ask about this. Otherwise, in accordance with the look of the mother-in-law, will certainly bring you concubinage, flat コーチ 財布 marriage is attainable."
"Sister in law say what! Also not afraid taboo." Martensite is always to say, lee came in holding a bowl of brown sugar water.
Markov a face don't care. "Is meant to be! The way you look at her frivolous yesterday, how the so a very good son, she is actually poor to say. Her sister-in-law, I tell you, woman, a child alongside the physique is good."
"Siblings, I just came, yuan frost is in search of you! You go!" Ma Shiming know truly sent her, also had to got up.
"Sister-in-law, good oh, I mentioned I will not tell others."
Lee went out to view her ultimately, sighed, and gave the brown sugar stated to jan.
"Don't listen to her sister, she speak nonsense, once more say, two or 3 years later never matter, I'm two years later, some of the yuan xiang just isn't, you do not have an excessive amount of pressure, let nature take its course."
"Eldest sister-in-law, I know. コーチ アウトレット Essentially ErSao mouth is terrible, individuals still pretty great." Jan to drink sugar water, and his face looks good.
"So コーチ 財布 that I do not know! But, often inevitably feel incredibly vexed!" Lee is also a naughty smile.
Don't finish by jan, fang a old hen stew and add some red dates, pork liver, alone to jan, in fact this property is genuinely great to her.
A big loved ones all have no objection to that, also from Yang Sanlang chicken about.
"Come on, get up and eat promptly!" Jan waked up, fang will give her to drink the soup.
"Niang, and consuming! I do not prefer to eat pork liver." Is don't like it, would like to have コーチ トート absolutely nothing to accomplish with.
Fang loving fantastic ルイヴィトン 財布 enable her chemise, looked at her and completed. "You naughty again, will not be this for the personal superior, is not yet finished."
Jan a grin, needless to say, wish to eat out. Otherwise, really serious cause of infertility, the husband is genuinely wish to share with other folks. In addition to, she is also pretty would like to have a infant of her own.
Cut ahead of took a pair of great footwear face, ready to seriously give Yang Sanlang embroidered a pair of good thick shoes.
Design can make use of the atmosphere a little green pine, having a compact charcoal, tracing the outline very carefully and got some yarn, even though it was nevertheless fairly vibrant, embroider some very first, idle is idle.
Till I fell asleep, hands nevertheless holding the ヴィトン 財布 sole.



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