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Wafid identify & fingerprint Web Application Firewall


Forum untuk membahas semua tentang web hacking mulai dari footprint, scanning, gain access, escalate previlege, exploit,cover track, backdoors sampai mengamankan web

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Wafid identify & fingerprint Web Application Firewall

Postby familycode » Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:13 am


Wafid identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) products.

Wafid sends a normal HTTP request and analyses the response; this identifies a number of WAF solutions.If that is not successful, it sends a number of (potentially malicious) HTTP requests and uses simple logic to deduce which WAF it is If that is also not successful, it analyses the responses previously returned and uses another simple algorithm to guess if a WAF or security solution is actively responding to our attacks.

WAFid can identify these WAFs:

- 360

- Safedog

- NetContinuum

- Anquanbao

- Baidu Yunjiasu

- Knownsec KS-WAF


- Barracuda

- BinarySEC

- BlockDos

- Cisco ACE

- CloudFlare

- NetScaler

- FortiWeb

- jiasule

- Newdefend

- Palo Alto

- Safe3WAF

- Profense

- West263CDN

- WebKnight

- Wallarm

- USP Secure Entry Server

- Sucuri WAF

- Radware AppWall

- PowerCDN

- Naxsi

- Mission Control Application Shield

- IBM WebSphere DataPower

- Edgecast

- Applicure dotDefender

- Comodo WAF

- ChinaCache-CDN

- NSFocus

Download : https://github.com/CSecGroup/wafid
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